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“An artist of great vigour… Blessed with exceptional powers of expression.”

 GL Serra – La Notte

“Bruna X’s style of painting cannot be compared to the work of any other descriptive artist. Her exceptional imagination takes her, with the eyes of a prophet, to a future that we of present generations will never be able to experience even though, at times, it can seem that it is already upon us.”

S. Fangareggi – Arte Republica

“One cannot neglect the sheer beauty of these paintings. They almost force us to consider the real and distinguised origins of this very fine artist.”

Ignazio Mormino – Cronache D’Arte

“Bruna X entrusts in us an exquisitely human message. Her sculptures show such a rare expression that can only hint at the inspired and meticulous excavation that was involved in creating them.”

Lello Spinelli – Ritratto a Bruna X

“These pieces are composed with colours that canvass that which we must recognize as being exclusive to the painter, who gathers all her artistic forces around the sentiment of introducing us to a new form of art.”

Judith Horne – Introduction to the English language version of “When The Roosters Crow”
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