Brunax 1937-2007

Born in Penni, Italy in 1937, Bruna X was a leading exponent of spiritual expressionism, devoting her life to helping mankind fill the void between the realities of existence and the pursuit of natural happiness, a God-given right that all of us can attain.

An inspired artist and sculptress, active between the early 1960’s through to 2001, her works were exhibited in some of Europe’s leading galleries including Palazzo Pignatelli and La Galleria Del Sole in Rome, Lo Scorpione Galleria D’Arte Moderna in Milan and the Chadel Gallery in Geneva.

They were coveted by people as diverse as the critic and collector Lello Spinelli and the then head of NASA, James C Fletcher and left a lasting impression on all who were privileged to witness their limited exposure during the artist’s lifetime. GL Serra from La Notte described Bruna X as an “artist of great vigour, blessed with exceptional powers of expression” whilst S Fangareggi, writing in Arte Republica noted that her style of painting “cannot be compared to the work of any other descriptive artist. Her exceptional; imagination takes her, with the eyes of a prophet, to a future that we of present generations will never be able to experience”.

Ignazio Mormino, from Cronache D’Arte was moved to write: “One cannot neglect the sheer beauty of these paintings. They almost force us to consider the real and distinguished origins of this very fine artist”.

Bruna X transitioned this life in 2007.


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